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mentoring-clockWhilst our priority is the investment management side of our business, Wallwood Consultants now offers trading mentoring programmes on an application only basis. We recognise that there is a growing interest in the financial markets and an ever growing number of people are keen to learn how to trade and invest independently. As a company we feel that this demand is commonly met with the provision of simplistic and sub-standard education services which are sold at excessive prices.

As a company we feel that we are able to offer a high quality mentorship/education programme that can be tailored to the level of knowledge of each student. Our aim is to help new traders to avoid common mistakes and to accelerate their rate of learning and progression.

We do not offer a pre-packaged education/mentorship service. Each student will have differing levels of understanding and may want to focus on a specific asset class. Upon enquiring about our education/mentoring programmes we will discuss your specific goals and ask you about your current understanding and experience. From there we will suggest a path of progression that we feel will be of the greatest benefit.

We must stress to all prospective students that there is no holy grail to successfully trading the markets. Successful traders are so as they have found a trading style/method that suits their characteristics as a person. Our aim in mentoring a student is to firstly help them avoid making the common mistakes made by many novice traders and in turn saving them money, but also helping them to build a methodology that suits them which can then be applied with discipline for the foreseeable future.

We are not selling a system based on technical indicators that will tell you what to buy and when. We are not selling our in-house trading methods. We are offering a bespoke service through which our students will gain access to the advice and resources required to accelerate the development of their own trading approach, something we have experienced ourselves. If we feel that some of our in-house tools and methods will be of benefit to a student, they will be given the access they need. Just like our investment services, our mentoring programmes will be operated with full transparency.

The cost of our mentoring programmes is subject to the goals and knowledge of each student. When we have had chance to discuss both of these with you we will give you a quote for the services we feel you require. To enquire about our mentoring programmes please Contact Us

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