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Business Consultancy

Do you feel you have received inadequate advice or have been misled? Do you have a trading dispute or loss that occurred due to negligence/miss management? If the answer is yes to one or both questions you can likely benefit from our business advice service.

Due to several requests from people who have experienced sizeable losses and inadequate advice, we have decided to offer a new business advice service offering a professional and efficient service assisting anyone in the unfortunate situation of having lost money through no fault of their own.

Is this service suitable for you?

  • Do you need help understanding the merits of your case?
  • Are you inundated with confusing financial and legal terms?
  • Do you need a cost-effective assessment of your case and your trading history?
  • Are you looking for an independent opinion from an experienced team in Forex, Equities and Derivatives that is free from conflict of interest?


How can we help?

  • Through a free phone consultation, we will begin understanding your case and form a view as to whether there are grounds for further action.
  • We offer an alternative to large hourly legal fees that may be paid to a solicitor who is less experienced in understanding the derivatives markets.
  • To save on costs, if we feel that there is a case to argue, we offer a report summarising the key reasons why.
  • The cost of the report will be dependent on the complexity of your case and whether analysis of your account statements is required, all of which will be determined and discussed with you prior to commencing work.
  • We can analyse trading data/statements to identify patterns of trading beyond the limits to which you agreed.
  • We have a broad understanding of trading the financial markets and can provide concise business advice regarding your case.
  • As an FCA and NFA regulated firm, we are well voiced in the relevant rules and regulations that financial services must adhere too.
  • We can assist with claims against regulated banks, brokers, investment houses, funds or independent portfolio managers, signal providers and training companies.


What will it cost?

  • The cost of the service is dependent on the complexity of the case and the type of work it will involve.
  • More complex work such as analysis of trading statements will naturally be costlier due to the time the work requires.
  • Whilst we seek to avoid the typical hourly rate, we are mindful that smaller jobs such as the drafting letters to relevant parties may be required. For this type of work a fair and fixed hourly rate can be agreed in advance.


If the information above sounds applicable to you, please feel free to contact us using the submission box below or through the various means available on our Contact Us page. We look forward to offering our help and consultation.

Please note that investment advice is not available.



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